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2. Spring Roll (2 pcs)

One order comes with two rolls.
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1. Egg Roll (1 pc)

One order comes with one roll.

3. Green Onion Cake (2 pcs)

Green onion cake with hot sauce. One order comes with two pieces.
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4. Vietnamese Spring Rolls (6 pcs)

One order comes with six rolls.
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7. Wor Tip Pork Dumplings (12 pcs)

Twelve wor tip pork dumplings with vinegar and hot sauce.

9. Deep-Fried Wonton

Deep-fried wontons with sweet-and-sour sauce.

5. Vegetarian Spring Rolls (4 pcs) Vegetarian

One order comes with four rolls.

8. Beef Samosa (6 pcs) Spicy

Hot and spicy. One order comes with six pieces.

10. Deep-Fried Chicken Wings

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6. Deep-Fried Combo Plate

6. Deep-Fried Combo Plate

Deep-fried shrimp, spring rolls, dry ribs, wings, and deep-fried wonto...
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11. Spicy Chicken Wings Spicy

11b. Kimchi Spicy

Hot and spicy.


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11a. Honey Garlic Wings